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About TSV

Tab-separated values (TSV) is a simple and widely used format for storing tabular data. It is human-readable and easy to generate and parse.

Row delimiter

The row delimiter is the character used to separate each row in the TSV data. This is usually a new line character (LF), or a carriage return plus a new line character (CRLF).

We will automatically detect this and parse the rows correctly.

Value separator

The value separator is the character used to separate each value inside a row.

For TSV files, as the name implies it is usually a tab character, but it can be different depending on the software used to generate the TSV file.

Character encoding

Depending on what software you used to generate the TSV file, it might have a different character encoding

If no character encoding is specified we will automatically try to guess it, so you don't have to worry about it if you're unsure.

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